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Crafty clay - Space theme air dry modelling clay kit

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Product Details

3 cups of color mixing, and professional-grade modeling clays. Non-greasy, non-sticky and ultra-elastic texture. Stays fresh for over a year in its food-grade sealed cup even after using it. 24 Months Shelf Life!

Each cup includes 4 different colors and represents a specific model. With the printed ""step by step teaching brochure"". A perfect gift that helps your children explore their imagination and improve their spatial thinking capacity.

What's in the kit?

3 cups of air-dry modeling clays

Each cup has 4 colors for a specific design. Printed Tutorial Brochure.

Color mixable, paintable, and reusable air-dry modeling clays.

Master CTN Dimensions-22.5*12.41*11.20

Unit Dimensions-10.63*3.74*1.45

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